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Locations, Dates, and Prices

Click on each tour to learn more, see pictures, and see the daily schedule


*Trip Dates may change or be cancelled due to weather forecast when nearing tour dates.

** This registration price does not include all expenses and travel fees. See the "Things You Need to Know" page for details.

***Date are subject to change. If date has past, the next year's dates are still to be determined


Payments can be made by Cash (if local), Check, Money Order, or Cashiers Check.

Please make out all payments to:


P.O. Box 12504, Columbia, SC 29211-2504

Please note:

IFM provides transportation from Columbia, SC to (and from) all of its tour destinations. However, on both the Orlando, FL tour and the Washington, DC tour, an additional fee of $125 is charged to those who travel with IFM from Columbia - because of the longer distances involved on those two trips.

Final Registration Deadline:


Registration for all IFM Tours will close once the tour is full; at that point, a waiting list will be maintained in case someone has to drop out or more host families are found.


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