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Daily Schedule

Orlando, FL

A Disney Christmas
Christmas on Main St.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse
A Goofy Christmas
Christmas Fireworks
Disney's Main St Electrical Parade
Epcot Christmas Magic
Christmas around the world
Orlando's very own Elfland
Walkway of Lights
Epcot's Christmas Sparklers
An Epcot Christmas
Orlando Universal-Studios-Osaka-Japan
Orlando Macy's Parade
American Christmas dinner
orlando seaworld
orlando Shamu-Christmas-Miracles
orlando dolphin santa
orlando penguins
orlando SeaOfTrees
orlando on ice

About Orlando:

Welcome to the "Sunshine State"! Orlando is the vacation capital of the world, and in December it's the warmest place in the continental United States. Walt Disney World lets you relive your childhood at Magic Kingdom, and tour the world and learn about state-of-the-art scientific breakthroughs at EPCOT center (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). 

  • The Magic Kingdom is where you can meet your favorite Disney movie characters, climb the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house, see American folk culture shows, and ride some exciting rides. Space Mountain (an indoor roller coaster in the dark) is fun for any age.

  • EPCOT is really two parks in one. The "World of Tomorrow" is the first. It features "state-of-the-art" technology in a variety of fun presentations. It is all indoors, so if there is rain in the forecast, you may want to bypass that and head to the second area, "World Showcase" before it rains. Many of the attractions there are outdoors. You will be thrilled with the breathtaking 360-degree movies, rides, shops, food, and cultural exhibits from 10 different countries.


Another day of sightseeing brings you the choice of  the other big attractions (Universal Studios, or Sea World). You’ll spend Christmas Day with an American family, and a half-day conference in our host church will explain the true meaning of this exciting holiday.



By REGISTERING for this Tour, you are agreeing to participate 100% in all scheduled activities including with host family and programs. No exceptions are made without 1 week prior to TOUR confirmation from the IFM Director (Dr. Raj Aluri). 


Orlando can be very warm for the Christmas season. Temperatures are likely to be 50°-65° F during the mornings and evenings, and 70°-85° F during the daytime. You should bring a light jacket and be sure to have enough clothing for eight days, and your personal toiletries (toothbrush, soap, towels, etc.) Luggage space is very limited in our vans. Pack your belongings tightly. Please avoid bringing suitcases, if possible. Duffel and/or bookbags are the best.


Planning Your Budget:

-IFM Trip Fee: $125 to be paid before the trip 

-If you are traveling with IFM from Columbia, SC  [for those who live in or near Columbia]

Round-trip transportation from Columbia, SC costs $125/person extra. 
(Pay IFM a total of $250/person if you ride with us.)

-Ticket prices vary by day, but here are our best estimates at this point for 2022 

  • Magic Kingdom ticket price will be between $164 to $179

  • EPCOT tickets will be $154 to $174

  • Universal Studios $179

  • Kennady Space Center $75

  • Sea World $104.99

-About $100 per person for 7 meals during the sightseeing days. 

-Bring spending money for snacks and souvenirs at the parks 




Arrive in Orlando on the Tour's opening day, no later than 6:45 pm by air, 5:30 p.m. by bus or train. We will pick you up at airport, bus, or train station.  If you are driving a car, we will send you directions to the meeting point.

2022 Schedule: (TENTATIVE)


Wednesday, December 20:

  • 4:00-8:00 PM - Arrive at the designated meeting place.


December 21-22:

  • Disney and EPCOT

Saturday, December 23:

  • Christmas Mini-Conference

Sunday, December 24-25:

  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with host family


Monday, December 26:

  • Universal Studios


Tuesday, December 27:

  • Kennedy Space Center 

  • Farewell dinner with all host families

Wednesday, December 28:

  • Depart for home

Payments can be made by Zelle, Cash (if local), Check, Money Order, or Cashiers Check. 

(Ask about paying by PayPal, includes 3% processing fee)

Please make out all payments to:


P.O. Box 12504, Columbia, SC 29211-2504

CLICK HERE FOR THE TRAVEL FORM (Complete once you have received an email from us)

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