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Table Rock (June 17, 2023)

IFM kicked off our summer program with a day of hiking in beautiful Table Rock State Park. Twenty people (and a cute dog) joined the party, and everyone had a great time. We heard several comments about how much work these internationals have to do for their graduate studies, and yet how much they longed to “get away” and “be in nature” again—so they were VERY thankful to IFM for organizing this trip. We split into two groups, with the larger bunch hiking 2 hours up the mountain (not to the top! that takes 5 hours!) and returning the same way; the smaller group enjoyed a hike along Carrick Creek, with many pretty views, and then a long stay at Pinnacle Lake (IFM rented a paddle-boat, which several enjoyed). We were away from Columbia for over 12 hours. Volunteer Emily Nejmeh drove the van home (Michael drove in the morning), and she also led the uphill hike. Students and scholars from Egypt, India, Pakistan, Türkiye, and China participated. Of course, we couldn’t do this without equipment like our vans, and volunteers like Emily and Rachel (who drove her own car when the van was full). On behalf of these students/scholars, THANK YOU for making summer ministry like this possible!

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