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For almost 40 years, IFM has organized weekly Friday Night Friendship dinners. We are hosting in person dinners and English lessons every Friday! For those unable to join us in person, we also have Zoom discussions following the dinner. Participants can choose between English lessons and life-changing presentations followed by discussionInvite your friends and come along! We often have participants from several continents, as well as friends living here in South Carolina.

Do you want to have an American Friendship Partner?

Practice your English and get to know a friend

The friendship Partner Program connects International Students who want to get to know an American with Americans who want to connect with Internationals.

There are so many things to do and learn. We will help to connect you to new people who you can share with and learn from. 

Register below if you are an International Wanting an American Friendship Partner

Register below if you are an American Volunteer who wants to connect with an International through the Friendship Partner Program

For the most part, IFM's activities are back in person. We will keep up Zoom English classes and discussions in addition to the in person activities. We will also be following all CDC guidelines at our in person events. 

Events by IFM:

Through out the University school year, IFM organizes weekly Friday Night Friendship dinners. Most are held at the Columbia Evangelical Church fellowship Hall (1727 Pendleton St. Columbia, SC). Other larger events are held elsewhere, as noted below:

August - Welcome Banquet - 1727 Pendleton st.

October - Fall Fest Dinner - IFM Office

November 19 - Thanksgiving Dinner - First Baptist Church

December - IFM & CIF Christmas Drop in - IFM Office

December - Christmas Dinner and Pageant - First Baptist Church

December - Intl. Christmas Dinner - IFM Office

February - Valentines Dinner - Columbia Evangelical Church

April - Easter Dinner - IFM Office

May - Farewell Banquet - Columbia Evangelical Church

Our Purpose

IFM is a private Christian organization which seeks to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to international students through sincere friendship and service.

IFM President

Dr. Raj Aluri is the founder and President of the International Friendship Ministries and the Columbia International Festival. He is also the founder and president of the Agape English Language Institute for Internationals, USA.

IFM History

International Friendship Ministries (IFM) began in Columbia, SC in 1981, in fulfillment of the vision of an international student from India, Raj Aluri.

The International Student Holiday Hospitality/Home-stay Tours are organized by International Friendship Ministries (IFM). We have been offering tours since the early 1980s. Open to international students, scholars, and families of all nationalities and religious backgrounds, 

IFM’s tours are designed to give you an opportunity to...

  • Get away from campus during holidays,

  • Meet new friends,

  • Discover more about the Bible and Christianity

  • Visit some of America's most popular attractions at discounted rates!


Friday Night Dinners

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