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How to get to your location

You are responsible for your round-trip transportation from your city to the arrival location listed with each tour. Those who live in or near Columbia, SC have the option of traveling with IFM in our van or car. Options for those outside the Metro Columbia, SC area include...




By Bus: For tickets, contact Greyhound 1-800-231-2222

Greyhound buses are usually the cheapest way to arrive in any major city in America. However, they do take longer to reach the destination. In most locations you also cannot get reservations. (If one bus is already too full, you may take the next one to the same destination. But this would mean you would miss your scheduled arrival time. Usually if you arrive at the bus station 45 to 60 minutes in advance, you should have no problem getting on the right bus, but you do need to claim your place in line. Check with your local Greyhound station in advance if you have any doubts. Some locations offer Megabus, and even cheaper form of travel. See for details.


By train: For tickets, contact Amtrak 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245)

Trains in America are quite comfortable and often cheaper than flying. In addition, you get to see more of the country as you travel. But public train service is not available in all parts of the country. They also only average 55 miles per hour, so make sure you allow yourself enough traveling time. Many large metropolitan and suburban areas will have local train service to connect you to the Amtrak station in the main city. Check with your local transportation authority, or see


By air: Your local travel agent can find you the best deals much more quickly.

Be careful to arrive at the airport listed under each tour. In some cities there are several airports, but transportation will not be available from them all.


Before you book your tickets:

Do NOT purchase a ticket until IFM has notified you that your registration has been approved. Be sure to arrive before the time designated for each tour. It is best to contact us before finalizing your ticket bookings to make sure your plans will fit the group’s schedule.

Book your tickets as early as possible, since seats fill up fast. After we approve your registration, we will ask for your travel plans, so that we can arrange to meet you, etc.




By car: If you are driving, we'll send a map and/or detailed directions.  IFM’s policy on tours is that we cannot reimburse you for any mileage if you use your own car during the tour.


IFM Transportation: IFM will provide transportation for local registrants to and from the various tour locations, but this will sometimes involve an additional charge (fee). If you live in the Columbia area, please read the "Locations/Dates/Prices" page to determine if your tour requires payment of an additional fee..

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