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Global Education Day (GED) is one day that is set aside especially for school children during the Columbia International Festival to educate them about the variety of cultures that are represented in South Carolina. Students of all levels are invited to attend GED but it is expected those students in grades 3-10 will benefit the most from the experience.

Incorporating both fun and learning, GED gives educators and parents an opportunity to open the eyes of their students, not only to the richness of our world but also to the ethnic diversity of South Carolina and to the positive contributions being made by foreign-born citizens. The day's events will focus on meeting the South Carolina Social Studies & Foreign Language Standards, including but not limited to:

Social Studies Standards:
Standard 1-1:   The student will demonstrate an understanding of how individuals, families, and communities live and work together here and across the world. 
Standard 1-2:   The student will demonstrate an understanding of home, school, and other settings across the world. 
Standard 2-1:   The student will demonstrate an understanding of cultural contributions made by people from the various regions of the United States. 
Standard 2-2:   The student will demonstrate an understanding of the local community and the way it compares with other communities in the world. 
Standard 2-4:   The student will demonstrate an understanding of the division of the world geographically into continents and politically into nation-states. 
Standard 4-2:   The student will demonstrate an understanding of the settlement of North America by Native Americans, Europeans, and African Americans and the interactions among these peoples. 
Standard/ Indicator 5-6-4: The student will demonstrate an  understanding of developments in the United States since the fall of the Soviet Union and its satellite states in 1992...  Identify examples of cultural exchange between the United States and other countries that illustrate the importance of popular culture and the influence of American popular culture in other places in the world, including music, fashion, food, and movies.
Standard 6-2:  The student will demonstrate an understanding of life in ancient classical civilizations and their contributions to the modern world.
Standard 6-4:   The student will demonstrate an understanding of changing political, social, and economic cultures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. 
Standard 7-7:  The student will demonstrate an understanding of the significant political, economic, geographic, scientific, technological, and cultural changes and advancements that took place throughout the world from the beginning of the twentieth century ot the present day.
Standard GS-1:The student will demonstrate and understanding of life in the classical civilizations and the contributions that these civilizations have made to the modern world.

Foreign Language Standards:
Standard 1.1 Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
Standard 1.2 Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics. 
Standard 2.1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and the perspectives of the cultures studied. 
Standard 2.2 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the products and the perspectives of the cultures studied. 
Standard 3.1 Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language. 
Standard 3.2 Students acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are available only through the foreign language and its cultures. 
Standard 4.1 Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons between the language studied and their own. 
Standard 4.2 Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons between the cultures studied and their own. 
Standard 5.1 Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting. 
Standard 5.2 Students show evidence of becoming lifelong learners by using the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment. 

 Three tours to choose from

 Tour I  9:00 am - 11:00 am
 Tour II  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
 Tour III  11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Students can travel the world under one roof.
Without leaving the comfort of their state, students can visit more than 60 countries in two hours.


Students can see, touch, and feel the cultures of the nations displayed in their handicrafts, artifacts, clothing, musical instruments, videos, and pictures.


Students will enjoy the cultural dances from several different countries. They may even be invited to participate in these performances.

Admission Cost**
Student Admission $5.00
Free admission for teachers & chaperones  

** Schools should plan to eat lunch before arriving or after departing.
Slices of pizza ($1.50) and soda ($1.00) may be purchased on site.
     Souvenirs are available for purchase.

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